Our Services

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

    Vulnerability Assessment is all about analysing the organization’s network with the necessary knowledge, awareness and risk background to understand the threats to its environment and react appropriately. With the same area in focus, we perform different mechanism tasks.

  • Web Application Security Assessment

    Web application business is on peak in today’s world. Web apps provide 24/7 access to a user for an effective and easy experience. But here with potentially exposed data, the application grabs hacker’s attention too..

  • Network Security Assessment

    NSA (Network Security Assessment) is actually an integral part of network security cycle. Loads of companies in class have confronted these types of security risks. Network Security Assessment is the prioritized process for every organization.

  • Mobile Application Security Assessment

    Every enterprise or business either general, corporate or e-commerce grabs most of the traffic from the mobile devices. That's why more than 1.26 lakh applications are uploaded every month. Each and Every website either corporate, eCommerce or business have their mobile application for complete exploitation.

  • Static Code Analysis

    SCADA stands for Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition. It’s a behind the scene scenario of the security system. It is used in all most every hardware device such as factory machines, HMIs, end devices and sensors.

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