Red Teaming

Red Teaming:

Digital Forensic and Investigation

Red Teaming is a full-scope; multi-layered effective simulation intended to gauge how well an organization's people and systems, applications and physical security controls can withstand an assault from a genuine adversary.

This Is Purely Ethical Hacking

Challenge Yourself

  • Challenge your organizations IT infrastructure, analytic assumptions and finding faulty loops and logic.
  • Check system software’s, routers, networks and appliances through the eye of an adversary.
  • Challenge systems according to a hackers mind and try using different techniques.
  • The potential red teaming operation doesn’t end up with the discovery phase. You need to work with a red team consultant that offer remediation assistance and re-testing. After all, the real examination happens in the week or even months of effort it takes after our initial engagement to implement remediation controls.
  • Comprehensive red teaming covers pen testing, social engineering, and physical intrusion.



Contains details of every identified vulnerability, potential technical impact, exhibits and actionable remedies. This report will help the company patch the gaps identified.

Management Report

Contains detail of the identified vulnerabilities, severity level, along with the business impact of each vulnerability. An Executive Summary along with findings, conclusion and guidance.

Remediation Guidelines

TAC provides tailored remediation guidance with complete audit programs, refineries and identification steps to follow for each loophole incidents for the future assaults.