Static Code Analysis

Static Code Analysis

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SCADA stands for Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition. It’s a behind the scene scenario of the security system. It is used in all most every hardware device such as factory machines, HMIs, end devices and sensors. SCADA system works behind the devices and it displays the data, processes the information and routes the information for the employees who use devices and take important decisions. The operator pauses the operation and views SCADA by HMI and analyses the cause of the vulnerability.


Discuss Your Security Issues with us and we will serve with the best. SAP stands for standard application and products in data processing. SAP enterprise software’s based on cloud computing. As SAP computers have highly confidential data, they need time to time security assessment for complete data integrity. TAC Security has world class skills that enable you to stay ahead of the cyber-attacks.

Security Approach for SAP:

  • STAD Data

  • SAP cryptographic library

  • Network Basics

  • Single Sign on

  • AIS

Static Code Analysis Approach

Source Code

Modal Extraction






Contains details of every identified vulnerability, potential technical impact, exhibits and actionable remedies. This report will help the company patch the gaps identified.

Management Report

Contains details of the identified vulnerabilities, severity level, along with the business impact of each vulnerability. An Executive Summary along with findings, conclusion and guidance.

Remediation Guidelines

TAC provides tailored remediation guidance with complete audit programs, refineries and identification steps to follow for each loophole incidents for the future assaults.