A Cyber Emergency Response Team

TAC Security is an expert in cyber forensics. If you are looking for an emergency response team, then TAC Security is the one-stop destination for your requirement. Our main motive is to provide the best security for your enterprise or organization. We provide emergency response services and a report based on our knowledge, experience, and technique. We scan hundreds of sources under the internet.

Unique Perspective for Cyber Actions

  • Our emergency team coordination in the Cyber Security event.
  • When a cyber incident arises, suggestions about the solutions.
  • Support to prevent these incidents from occurring.

  • CERT Team is prepared to facilitate the detection, prevention, and resolution of the incident occurring on the internet for organizations and for the government sectors.



Contains details of every identified vulnerability, potential technical impact, exhibits and actionable remedies. This report will help the company patch the gaps identified.

Management Report

Contains details of the identified vulnerabilities, severity level, along with the business impact of each vulnerability. An Executive Summary along with findings, conclusion and guidance.

Remediation Guidelines

TAC provides tailored remediation guidance with complete audit programs, refineries and identification steps to follow for each loophole incidents for the future assaults.