Web Application Security Assessment

Multi Layered Security Evaluation

Web application business is on peak now a day. Web apps provide 24/7 access to a user for an effective and easy experience. But here with potentially exposed data, the application grabs hacker’s attention too.

Penetrating the condition of your applications, regardless of being created in-house or by an outsider is basic practice to reinforce your general security stance and meet consistent requirements. TAC will work with IOB to identify web applications, its credentials, and the applications business flow logic. TAC will leverage this information to perform manual penetration testing and automated scans. We follow multiple software tools and manual review procedures followed by false positive elimination.


We will plan the testing; the testing methodology is based on OWASP standards. TAC will use automated web application scanning tool to perform automated scans on this web application.

Manual Penetration Testing:

The manual penetration testing stage is the core validation point for the previously identified weaknesses. Where appropriate, we will attempt controlled exploitation of the identified weaknesses to demonstrate risk and level of exposure. During this step, we will attempt to gain greater levels of access to the company’s web applications from the internet to gather information about the applications. Here we will perform below testing:

• Dynamic Testing (fuzzing, injections, traffic interception)
• System Testing (checking for logs, information records, registry keys, process strings)

Vast Top 10 Essential Vulnerability Assessment Checks:

  • SQL Injection Attacks

  • Sensitive Data Exposure

  • Broken Authentication

  • XML External Entities

  • Broken Access Control

  • Security Misconfiguration

  • Cross site Scripting

  • Insecure De-serialization

  • Using components with known vulnerabilities

  • Insufficient logging and Monitoring




Contains details of every identified vulnerability, potential technical impact, exhibits and actionable remedies. This report will help the company patch the gaps identified.

Management Report

Contains details of the identified vulnerabilities, severity level, along with the business impact of each vulnerability. An Executive Summary along with findings, conclusion and guidance.

Remediation Guidelines

TAC provides tailored remediation guidance with complete audit programs, refineries and identification steps to follow for each loophole incidents for the future assaults.